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·         Semi-sphere windowThe semi-sphere on the top of the backpack can keep your pet safety and avoid your pet running away. Also good for your pet to feel the outside world.

·         Backpack material: The main material of the backpack is canvas which is more transparent and breathable than other materials, and it is more conducive to your pet for breathing fresh air.

·         Portable: The design of the shoulder straps make travel more convenient and comfortable, and you can save more energy when you carry your pet on the bag and go out on a trip.

·         Mesh panels and ventilation holes: There are plenty of air holes and large mesh areas on the front and sides of the backpack for ventilation so your pet can breath freedom.

·         Add a unique function: The semi-sphere has two conversion mode: the plastic shell on the top of the backpack can be switched to mesh panel or removed for small pets.


How to remove the mesh?
a) Open the zipper and put the lid of the backpack on a flat surface(You can refer to the picture above of the dark khaki one).
b) Put your hands on the outer ring. Grasp ,push down and twist(anticlockwise).
c) Kept twisting until the ring came off.

How to install the bubble?
a) Open the zipper and put the lid of the backpack on a flat surface.
b) Put the bubble over the peephole. 
c) Put the ring over the bubble and down onto the bottom of the peephole and press tight. 
d) Twist the outer and screw it onto the peephole base nice and tight(clockwise).

All Memory
Broad and sturdy straps The straps are nice quality, it is comfortable for people to wear.
Product dimensions 12.6 x 9.8 x 15 inches
Unique design The backpack with semi-sphere window allow your pets to enjoy the scenery and interact with the outside world.
Model Number BP-A15
Material Canvas, high quality and durable material.

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